Texas Trip Part 2: Party Time

So we got Mags an Elmo pinata for the birthday party at Granny’s house. As we were checking out at the grocery store, we noticed that Elmo had quite the collection of colorful ribbons arranged on his hindquarters. This is apparently because the uppity-ups in the pinata industry have realized that some consumers might perceive whacking the business out of your child’s favorite character to be a bit barbaric. I, however, say that there’s nothing more fun than beating a kids’ TV star senseless…in pinata effigy of course. I’d be indescribably happy if I could get my hands on a Clarabelle pinata. If you’ve been remiss and haven’t watched Mickey Mouse Club House lately, there is absolutely no way you can understand how great is my dislike for that cow. But I digress.


These days, instead of the violence of beating characters – and probably as a wise attempt to avoid lawsuits stemming from blindfolded children waving sticks around like Don Quixote – the makers of pinatas have attached several multicolored ribbons to the pinata. The idea is that the kids get to take turns pulling on the ribbons and eventually a hole forms, from which the treasure is dispersed. As previously mentioned, the ribbons on our Elmo pinata were attached to his bum. And I must say there’s nothing like a whole bunch of chocolate candy falling out of Elmo’s butt to make a party complete!


It's almost as if he knows he's about to be beaten and then ripped a new one.


I will say, though, that it was good that the ribbons were there because Mags really wasn’t too sold on hitting Elmo with a stick. She’s a sensitive soul, that one.


No caption would be good enough, so I won't even try.


Mags loved picking up candy. She also loved sharing with Orange Kitty, which I think is superbly sweet.


Sweet girl.


Orange Kitty was intrigued, to be certain.


The party also included kite flying, which was kind of intimidating since the wind was blowing about a zilliondy miles an hour. I pretty much let the hubz do the work, as I did not want to be held responsible if the clown fish kite ended up in the next town over. Or, worse yet, Oklahoma. I’d never forgive myself.



Mags was not allowed to hold the kite string by herself since she would most certainly end up in Oklahoma.


We also had presents and cuppincakes. Mom and I made the cupcakes and, I’m gonna be honest, they were precious. We’re available for hire, just so’s you know.



Mags was super-stoked about having the birthday song sung to her and loved blowing out her candle even more. So much so that we had to complete the entire process three times, which was nice since it allowed me to actually get some good pictures. Enjoy!


A good time was had by all.

2 thoughts on “Texas Trip Part 2: Party Time

  1. Diana

    You know, if you had just been packed, you could have held on to the kite and made it back to Ohio in record time. Maggie would have loved the scenery. I do think that it was FOUR times not three that Maggie had to blow out the candle. I’ve really thought that candles could be shorter for the limited length of time they are in use. Maggie’s, however, could have been much longer. She gets her money worth!

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