Two Years Old

This time two years ago I was checking into the hospital thinking that I would be having a c-section and a baby within hours. True to form, God and Mags had other plans! (Still grateful for the lack of c-section!!) A little after eight the next night, we were holding the most precious gift we’ve ever been given.


Words really can’t begin to describe how I feel about this little human who came into our lives two years ago. Nothing could have prepared me for how much time I would spend in awe of her. She is so adaptable, intelligent, beautiful, and has pretty much the best sense of humor on the planet. Also, she’s started talking in funny voices, which pretty much makes my life complete.


So, because my baby’s turning two and because I’m currently swimming in a sea of pregnancy hormones, I’m going to indulge myself and make a list of things I love about my sweet, sweet girl. And I’ll probably cry through the entire process. Sheesh.


This list is for you, Mags, if you’re ever reading it a zillion years from now. I’m sure blogs won’t be cool. They’ll probably be the microfiche equivalent for your generation. You should look microfiche up…they’re weird. Anyway, this is a collection of memories, thoughts, stories and things I absolutely love about you.


  • You were born during March Madness. When he realized that I was going to spend my entire labor with a damp cloth over my head, your dad turned on the tournament. I really don’t blame him at all…He kept the volume down, so we were cool. You were technically born sometime after the Kentucky game. I know this because the TV was positioned so that I could see it the entire time I was pushing…not on purpose, I’m not that big of a fan.  Anyway, the Kentucky game was pivotal because it always is and Daddy and I had each filled out a few brackets and you know how we feel about brackets. Therefore, after giving birth to you, one of the first questions I asked the doctor was whether or not Kentucky had won. They didn’t. My bracket was ruined, as was the bracket of the nice resident who attended your birth. He shared my pain…just not the labor pain, which would’ve been appreciated.
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.


  • I remember a moment a few weeks after we brought you home when I was up in the middle of the night rocking and feeding you. I looked down our apartment hallway where the bathroom door was open and I could see our reflection in the mirror, and I remember thinking that, at that very moment, I legitimately had everything I ever wanted.

  • I love how you were not interested in sleeping unless you slept on one of our chests. Also, I love how you still sneak into bed with us every morning and wake us up by singing songs, patting our faces, and requesting juice. Or, in the case of this morning, you’ll get into our bed in the middle of the night, sprawl out like a spider monkey, and force your father to spend the remainder of his night sleeping in your toddler bed.


  • You’ve always been so laid back…pretty much the easiest baby we could’ve asked for. You’re sweet-natured and kind, adventurous and forgiving. There’s really no way you could ever know how much joy you bring us.

  • You have the best facial expressions on the planet.

  • Sometimes when your daddy and I talk about you, we both start to cry because we love you so much.
  • Also, sometimes we teach you to do funny things (like use your finger as a mustache and say, “Money!” as though you were a businessman) because we think it’ll be funny for your Kindergarten teacher to discover these little quirks.
  • I like the funny cowlick in your hair. Before all of it grew in, you had a ridiculous little tuft in the back and no hair anywhere else, so you looked like a peacock. It was precious. Also, at one time you had a mullet and it was glorious.
  • I really love to listen to you sing. It’s one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard.
  • Some of my favorite things you say are:
          – “Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mama!! What is dat tink, Mama??”
          – “Um, bedtime? Ok! A binkie anna bunny!”
          – “Baby Yiddy, come out!” (Yiddy = Lily)
          – “No way, Jose, Banjo!!!”
  • I like it that you’re sassy and you’ve started referring to me as, “Mom.” I also like it when you yell down the stairs to your father and use his first name: “Um, Viiiiin!!” It also scares me that you copy me so much.
  • I love it when you get really excited because, not only do you squeal, but you put your little hands up by your mouth and breathe really hard because you can hardly contain yourself.
  • I’m grateful that you’re the one who is constantly teaching me about what it means to be truly selfless. And you’re the first person who really revealed to me just a fraction of how God loves us, unconditionally and irrevocably.
  • When I look at you I see an endless future of possibilities and purposes. Every time I sing you to sleep I pray that you’ll have a clear understanding of God’s purpose for you and follow Him with your whole heart.
  • Last night you read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to me instead of the other way around. You had a few substitutions: “Goldfish” was “Orange Fish”; “Teacher”  was “Green Teacher”; and “Children” was “Purple, Blue, Children! Yellow Children!!” You’re brilliant, for sure.
  • Gosh, I love being your mama.

3 thoughts on “Two Years Old

  1. Granny

    Mary Susan, you aren’t the only one who cried their way through this one! Happy Birthday, a day early to Maggie, our Next Generation explorer, always going beyond to seek and to find – and to enjoy a new world every day! Maggie’s NO FEAR attitude worries me and makes me proud that she is such an adventurer. I love the way she walks into a room and says, “Hi, I’m Maggie.” She is such a combination of her parents. She looks like her daddy and has the fluid face and personality of her mother; she is the perfect combination of both. She is, indeed, a wonderful blessing!

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