The Land of Cardigans and Seven Things

So, I’m pretty sure that every time I post I start with some lame excuse as to why I haven’t been posting regularly. I was probably that kid in high school. Anywho, my latest excuse is that I recently started a new job!


It’s official. I even have the logo on my Facebook page, so you know it’s legit. I’m a Youth Services Associate for a local public library and I love the job so much, it’s not even funny. Basically it consists of the following:

  • Wearing cardigans to fit in with all of the other librarians.
  • Fulfilling my life-long dream of being a Story Lady and conducting storytimes for precious children.
  • Kicking said precious children out of the library for fighting and/or causing a general ruckus.
  • Using a database to determine that the above was actually the correct spelling of the word, “ruckus.”
  • Answering phones and getting library patrons answers to their questions.
  • Marveling at the type of questions people actually call the library to ask. (In the past week or so I’ve answered questions regarding the founding of towns in Ohio, the definition of the term, “renaissance man,” the lineage of Olde English kings, the location of various pharmacies, and about a zilliondy phone numbers, most of which were to either gas stations or court houses.)
  • Becoming obsessed with the amount of information available of databases and then being made fun of for getting so excited about databases.


What I need you to know is, this job is pretty far up-there on my list of desirable occupations. I’d say it’s right between zoo keeper and professional ice cream taster.


And, now, in order to fill everyone in on the other things that have been going on in our lives, I give you a new segment entitled “Real Life: Seven Things You May or May Not Want to Know”…this will be a recurring thing that will be updated probably never.


1.) From the mouths of babes:

  • Mags ate half of a bean burrito the other day before starting to take it apart. When she opened it up and saw the contents, she looked up at us in absolute disbelief and said, “It’s poop!”
  • She has a baby doll named Mister Baby. This is weird. Especially when one overhears the following statement from the back seat: “Take your dress off, Mister Baby!”


2.) I’ve started running again. I’m telling you because it holds me accountable and I also like to brag when I’ve been running.


3.) The hubz starts a new job on Monday. He’s going to learn how to butcher meats!! This will come in handy when there’s an EMP attack and we have no electricity and we have to escape back to Texas and fight off the crazies on the way and live off the land once were there.


4.) I’d be a doomsday prepper if I wasn’t so lazy.


5.) We have a new clothesline thanks to my dad and Vin. Nothing compares to fresh sheets from the line. I also found a way to get fluffy towels from the line, too! Check out Sustainable Together for more info. It really works!


6.) We just inherited a dining room table, buffet, and china cabinet from Grandma D. It’s weird to have furniture that didn’t come from Ikea.


7.) Did you know that mint will grow into giant demon plants that will take over your back yard? Did you know that the Amazon jungle of mint that grows will bloom? Did you know that the blooms will attract legions of flies? Did you know that I counted about four flies in my bathroom alone last night?


Off to put on a cardigan and go to work. Perchance I shall look up info on fly swatters…

6 thoughts on “The Land of Cardigans and Seven Things

  1. Sheila

    So love reading your writings. Totally agree with the clothesline….I use mine several times a day. Gotta find out about the towel idea. Your new job sounds fun. Keep it up….love you lady.

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