Some things are just good for the soul. I submit that using a clothesline is one of those things.


I can honestly testify that since the installation of my clothesline, my morale has improved tenfold. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about the act of using a clothesline. The time spent outside, the art of a neatly arranged line, the smell…everything about it is wonderful.


We’re doing our best to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Yes, I know, “sustainable” is one of those obnoxious words that gets thrown around by hipsters and politicians to sound cool and get votes. However, Vin and I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the kind of life, education, and world we want to give our girls and sustainability is a huge part of our vision. We want to be as self-sufficient as possible, to raise children who know where their food comes from and who take an active role in growing/preparing it, to live as simply and frugally as possible, and to show our children that the world is their classroom. We want to encourage Mags and Lil to become life long learners…and to jump off their soap boxes as soon as they realize they’ve gone on a ridiculous tangent that leaves blog readers utterly comatose.


I digress. Back to the clothesline. Here are my top tips for using one…Go install one. Do it now!




  • Check the weather! I love this aspect of drying outside. It forces me to be more in tune with the weather, thus planning our day better. Plus, sometimes I like to risk it because I enjoy the high I get from racing a storm to get the sheets in. What can I say? I live on the edge, people.
  • Hang like items together. That way, A.) your line looks all snazzy so your neighbors can look at it and say, “How nice that clothesline looks! Methinks I shall install one, as well, and be in the Cool Clothesline Club! I shall also make club jackets and then hang them from said clothesline! Huzzah!” and B.) it makes life easier for when you…
  • …fold your clothes as you take them down. This step has singlehandedly caused me to do more laundry and to actually, gasp, put it away! It’s ridiculously efficient and makes me happy in my heart where Jesus lives.
  • Enjoy the spectacular smell of line-dried clothes. Enjoy those clothes longer since they’re not going through the wear and tear of dryer use. Do be careful with colors, though, as the sun can make things fade…
  • …including poo stains from cloth diapers! Know that I’m not lying when I tell you that I legitimately watched poo stains disappear from Lily’s diapers. It was kind of like those Magic Nursery Baby dolls (I had the twins because my mom and dad loved me so much and ohmygosh they came in a wearable preggo tummy that kicked and had a heartbeat and was incredibly bizarre now that I think of it.) who had that heart on their face that would fade with warm water only it was poo and the sun. Aaaanyway, white as snow, people. White. As. Snow.
  • Hang clothes from the part that will be least observed when worn. In other words, shirts from the bottom, skirts from the waist, etc.
  • Put towels in the dryer on air fluff for about ten minutes prior to hanging so they’re fluffy right off the line.
  • Dread the winter, which will ruin all your fun. Le sigh.

6 thoughts on “Gloriousness

  1. Aunt Mary

    I can now smell the fragrant bedsheets I ran through as a little girl as they flapped in the breeze. Thank you for a great memory!

  2. Pat Thurman

    Mary Susan, I enjoy your blog so much! It makes me feel I have just had a good conversation with you. Love hearing the updates on the girls!!! So glad you are so excited about your job, if your going it work it sure helps to life what you are doing!! I’m getting ready to retire again (from Sean’s office). I am training a new person and hopefully Sean will be happy with her. Love you all. Aunt Patricia

    1. Aw, congratulations! You totally deserve to have a break and have some time to keep tabs on Uncle Mike. 🙂 You have no idea how many times I look at Lily and think she looks just like Sean…kind of strange, but she definitely looks like our side of the family! Love you so much!

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