Seven Things: 2

1.) We went to the Air Show yesterday. I finally saw the Blue Angels (seriously amazing!) and Maggie got to use a port-a-potty for the first time (shudder). We had a ton of fun, got a bit sunburned, and Mags ended up looking like this at the end of the day:


Tired much?



2.) I’m reading a new (to me) book series called “The Penderwicks” by Jeanne Birdsall. Ohmysweetgoodness, I love these books so much. It’s very reminiscent of “Little Women” and “Anne of Green Gables” and old-fashioned children’s literary goodness.



3.) Literally as we speak, Vin is breaking the news to Maggie that Lily’s moving in with her.

Vin: Maggie, do you know what a roommate is?

Mags: (Random babbling about rooms and daddy’s cheeks, etc.)

Vin: Lily is going to sleep in your room with you, Maggie. Isn’t that great?

Lily: (Banshee shrieks from the other room)

Yeah. I hope that works out for everybody.



4.) I finally got my hands on a copy of “The Integral Urban House: Self Reliant Living in the City” via inter-library loan. It’s like the bible of urban homesteading and does not exist on a library shelf in Ohio. Literally. I had to order it from some school in Indiana. And then I got sick and Maggie got sick and Lily got snuffly and I haven’t read as much of it as I’d like aaaand, sigh, it’s due in two days. Probably going to have to buy it. Christmas?



5.) This is adorable. You can’t deny it.

Preciousness. Plain and simple.



6.) Vin and I just had a talk about the Tooth Fairy. I knew it was all a hoax when I lost one of my last baby teeth and was awakened at, like, 6:30 in the morning by my mother leaning over my bed to “give me a kiss” with her hands under the pillow. Plus, all the lights in the bedroom were on. Plus, I found a ten dollar bill, which was exorbitantly high. I really knew the jig was up when I saw my tooth on the kitchen counter. Hi-larious.

We’re also both fairly certain that our moms kept our baby teeth in old film canisters. So, yeah. We’re going to hunt those down to make necklaces…cause nothing says “Happy Birthday” like jewelry made from your almost-thirty-year-old children’s baby teeth. Classy.



7.) Funny Maggie-isms:

-While trying to lay down for her nap, she informed her father that, “This is not a good idea!”

-Upon arriving home from the grocery store, “Happy birthday, Nana! It’s mustard!!”

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

6 thoughts on “Seven Things: 2

  1. Granny

    I DID NOT keep your baby teeth! You will just have to exist unadorned. Whatever made you think that someone who couldn’t hang on to a tooth from the bedroom to the kitchen would have kept up with them later? And, I will tell you that the tooth fairy was one of the most difficult traditions to honor. She worked me to death! Matthew’s tooth fairy had to leave her offering in the car once since he forgot to bring his tooth in and put it under his pillow. And, I never had the right change and, of course, your daddy never carried money in those days. And, good luck with feeling around under a pillow in the dark for a minuscule baby tooth. You would be much better off getting one of those tooth pillows or containers that are now available. It would have made my life much easier; I don’t care how smultzy they appear! Your days are just beginning. The world could be ending and somewhere, some place, and there would be a child who is ticked off because the tooth fairy forgot to visit! Honestly! So, good luck with all this. And you and Vin keep laughing because it will be only a hearbeat until Maggie is posting her stories of the quirkiness of her life!

    1. I distinctly remember finding teeth in your top drawer. I also very much know that my time is coming…payin’ for my raisin’, right, Mama? 🙂 Loooove you! And thanks, thanks, thanks for the book! Ask and ye shall receive!

  2. Jan Pruitt

    Oh Mary Sue! I love you! And I love reading your blog! It gives me so much joy! (and worry about one day stepping into the giant galoshes of motherhood, for I fear only a shoe as tough as that could get you through!) I miss you guys so much every time I read but it just makes my day when you blog! Keep it up sista!

    Love ya,
    Jan 🙂

    PS: Kisses for Mags and Lily!

    1. Jans, I love you, too! And miss you tons and tons! And I totally agree, galoshes are the only option…but rest assured your feet miraculously fit when necessary. I very much look forward to that day. 🙂

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