Still Here and Seven Things: Part 3

Hey, folks! I realize I’ve been horridly absent as of late. Things have been busy! Dryers have been delivered (thanks SO much, Mama!), which meant that basements had to be cleaned, brothers-in-law visited, birthdays have been celebrated, I’ve been hacking through the mountain (literally) of laundry that piled up from when we were dryer-less, aaaand the weather has been gorgeous so we’ve been outside playing a lot…which means that I really haven’t been doing that much laundry. Maybe someday my family will have clean underwear. Maybe.


But I’m still here and I hope you are, too!


Here’s a real quick Seven Things update to get you caught up!


1.) This will change your life.

It’s a Brownie Rice Crispy Treat Cake…or something to that effect. I need to come up with a better title, like “Cavity Cake” or “Better Than ‘Better Than Sex Cake.'” The hubz is responsible for imagining this ingenius dessert. I am responsible for the realization of the dream…and most of the consumption. A recipe post will follow.


2.) Mags is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, barring any Frankenstorm schedule changes. As long as the “pixie dust” (aka baby powder) holds out, I think she’ll be good. She’s been practicing using the “pixie dust” a lot…so much so that we’ve found baby powder and mysterious little footprints all over the stairs.


3.) Do you know how hard it is to clean up baby powder? Our stairs look like they belong in a crack den…


4.) Which reminds me of the weirdy-weird neighbor we had in Florida. The first night we met him, this guy kindly explained that he was the owner of a parrot, “So if you hear a sound like a woman being murdered, it’s just my bird!” Later he told us that parrots have terrible dander so his apartment looked like it was covered with crack cocaine. Convenient excuses?? Methinks so…


5.) There’s a nature preserve right by my in-laws house. Mags refers to it as “The Magic Woods.” I incorrectly called it “The Magic Forest” yesterday and was quickly corrected. Sheesh. What a loser I am.


I love this picture of Mags in the woods. It pretty much sums up my world right now.




6.) Lily Update: Ohmysweetgoodness that child is absolutely adorable. And sweet. And wonderful. And she laughs all. the. time. She is seriously a carbon copy of her father and I really have a hard time remembering what our lives were like without her.


Just meetin’ a horse…


7.) Mags on potty training accidents: “Mama, I had an accident yesterday. I pooped and I peed. But, but, Mama, I can’t give up!”


I admire her determination.

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