Seven Things: Part 4

Note: I had this post all wrapped up and ready to go, minus a few pictures when Real Life stepped in. Oh. My. Lord. Y’all, all I have to say is that it’s pretty much feast or famine on the poop front around here. This is probably oversharing, but if I’m not dealing with a constipated baby, I’m cleaning up the after-effects of canine consumption of month-old bratwurst. That is nothing to shake a stick at, I can tell you. At least he spared the carpet. And apparently the whole experience turned me into an old person because I just said, “shake a stick at.”


Anyway…I hope you’ve all had a great week! Here’s what’s been going on around our crazy house!


1.) Christmas came early! The Hubz got me some new Scentsy smells and a holiday warmer!  He says it’s cause he loves me, but I’m pretty sure he’d love to rid our house of garbage smell since I missed trash day last week, hence the availability of month-old bratwurst. Whoopsie! Anyway, we now smell like a Christmas Cottage around here which goes really well with the smell of…


2.)…Glue! (You thought I was going to mention the dog again…ha!) Mags and I are making our very own Thankfulness Turkey, or “Funny Turkey” as she calls it. I found the idea on Pinterest (Follow me!) and I larrve it! We’re writing something that we’re thankful for on each of our turkey’s feathers and then we’ll hang him on the door for all to see. Pictures to come!


3.) And speaking of crafty things, you should totally spray paint a pumpkin! I happened to have a couple of pumpkins lying around since we never got around to carving them this Halloween (shameful), so I decided to spray them gold…Mainly because I saw it in a shop window and fell in love, but also ’cause we’re classy like that.


That’s not a Christmas tree…it’s a rosemary plant that shaped like a Christmas tree. And it’s awesome. And I love it. That’s all.


It made a really pretty centerpiece on the table we discovered under all of the old mail and cereal bowls we keep in the dining room. Who knew! I think I’m going to get some little pumpkins and paint ’em up for Thanksgiving place cards. Totally cute, right?


4.) I finally watched Moonrise Kingdom. Finally. I loved it so much I can’t even stand it. I might watch it again right now. Wes Anderson, I don’t know how you get me so well, but man do you get me. Also, it reinforced my love for Bill Murray. Awkward Celebrity Crush still going strong…


5.) Mags is perfecting her newest skill, which is jumping on one leg. There’s a future there…


6.) I just learned how to clear the cashe on our computer. I had to click a button that literally said, “Obliterate all items from the beginning of time.” It seemed so…permanent. I’m sort of on a power trip now.


7.) From the mouths of babes:

-As Vin and I were walking down the steps we heard a little voice behind us calling, “Wait for me, kids!”

-While waiting at the doctor’s office, Dr. Maggie gave Lily a checkup. When I asked what her diagnosis was, she said very matter of factly, “We’ve got to shock her.” I asked to see her credentials.

-After leaving the vet’s office (Mags has done a lot of waiting in medical offices this week) I asked her if she wanted to be an animal doctor someday, to which she replied, “Yeah, sure. I’d like to be an animal.”


The morning after trick-or-treating.


Have a great weekend everybody!


8 thoughts on “Seven Things: Part 4

  1. Granny

    I laughed till I had tears in my eyes from finding the table beneath the mail and cereal bowls. Do you think there might be a counter or something that is holding up this computer and lots and lots of catalogs and un-filed critical legal documents, like doctor receipts, dog credentials, etc? I mean, you never know. Here’s hoping this week will “flow smoothly” – no obstructions or emergency runs!

  2. Valerie

    She is so cute! What a tongue!! My son’s has looked like that too on multiple occasions since Halloween. 😉 I love that turkey thankfulness craft you’re doing! Oh- and I followed you. I’m “atlantamama”. 😀

  3. Aunt Jeanie

    In the same vein as “We’ve got to shock her”, Frankie will start pushing on Champ’s chest (while she is trying to sleep) and yells “Breathe dammit”.

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