I was at work the other day watching the most striking teenage girl mod podge a bracelet. She was absolutely gorgeous, completely engrossed in the meticulous task of gluing tiny pieces of tissue paper to wooden beads. When a boy walked up and asked her what she was doing, she replied, “I don’t know…just making this.” I really liked that response.


And I wondered, what is it in us that draws us to create? I think there’s an innate desire in all of us to make something, to really get in there and manually manipulate objects and turn them into something new.





When we create we learn. We learn the properties of the world around us, how paint reacts to water, clay to heat, paper to glue. We learn how we react to paper, paint, glue, water, ourselves. We see what happens when we don’t have a detailed plan and just let things flow; we see the fruits of preparation and planning; we learn to appreciate the flexibility that comes from balancing the two.





I think any creative activity brings us closer to the Creator. We get a minuscule taste of the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Creating is a spiritual exercise and reminds me that, in a way, we’re all still being created. We’re all sort of raw elements; part of our beings is paper and glue, paint and tape just waiting to be turned into something spectacular…or maybe just something more spectacular than the thing we already are.


Creation brings us into contact with that divine part of ourselves that mirrors God. I’m not saying that every single art project or doodle has to be an earth-shaking spiritual experience, but I do think we should remember that He’s there in the simple things. Whether it be a thankfulness turkey or a pie or an art piece worthy of the Louvre, He is there. And that’s kind of nice.







And speaking of thankfulness turkeys, here’s our finished product!

I really love that “my hair” made Mags’ list…

4 thoughts on “Creation

  1. Love that. I think Tolkien called it “subcreation.” The innate human desire to participate in God’s grand work of creation. I think about that when I’m pregnant, too. I didn’t create this new soul but I get to participate in its coming into being. Beautiful.

    1. I completely agree about pregnancy…there’s just something so mysterious and spectacular about being that involved in God’s work. Love, love, love.

      And Tolkien is so wonderful! Speaking of which, not sure if I’ve told you, but my big project at work right now is a live-action, interactive Hobbit Quest. We’re re-creating Middle Earth and the kids get to start at Bilbo’s house, get their hobbit name and go on the whole journey. I’m so excited, and it seems like something you guys would like, too! Just wish you could teleport…Benjamin would be a great hobbit! 🙂

  2. Valerie

    I love crayons, and bacon! Lol I totally agree about the desire and need to create! It’s got a spiritual element to it, for sure. Great post and I love the thankful turkey! 🙂

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