Seven Things: Part 5

Clearly I’m not good at doing any thing on a schedule…just ask any boss I’ve ever had. I didn’t get around to doing our Seven Things last week, so I’m just going to shoot for a mid-week edition and cover this week as well. I love being able to make up the rules as I go…maniacal laugh!


1.) If you follow me on Pinterest (and you should so I can follow you, too!) you’ve probably noticed that every single pin lately has been focused on creating trees/rocks/woodland creatures out of cardboard and other miscellany. Y’all, we are getting our Hobbit on at the library and I couldn’t be more excited! (Shameless plug intended)


Bilbo’s house in progress…get excited!


If you live in the Cleveland Heights area or even the tri-state area mark your calendars for December 7th. That’s when our live-action, interactive Hobbit Quest takes place at the library and it is going to be awesome! All I’m saying is that Hobbit holes and dragons are being constructed and I got paid to make a rock yesterday. Check out the Heights Library website and Facebook page for more info and pictures!


2.) I am currently obsessed with Of Monsters and Men and you should be, too. I don’t know how Iceland puts out so many tremendous musicians, but seriously, this band is amazing. Also, one of the singers kind of looks like my high school BFF, Ike, which makes me larve them even more.


3.) My favorite storytime attendee, Milo, made me a pie yesterday. Guys. His name is Milo AND he made me a pie. I love my job. And I love pie. And mostly, I love Milo and the little fox sweater he wore when delivering said pie. Sigh.


4.) I have trouble posting blog entries on the reg, so I think I’m going to steal this idea from my friend, Valerie over at Atlanta Mom of Three. It’s a really cool 15 day “About Me” challenge. Anyone want to join in? Also, you should just go look at her blog, cause it’s wonderful. I’m constantly amazed at the miracle of the interwebs being able to connect me with kindreds all over the country.


5.) I’m going to eat an embarrassing amount of food tomorrow and I’m not sorry.


6.) I’m also going to try to do the following while people are napping/football watching: finish re-reading The Hobbit, start reading Ivy and Bean, start re-reading The Hundred Dresses, attempt to play “O Come, O Come Emanuel” on the piano,  try not to feel too bad about butchering it, aaaaand I might try to get a late head start on planning our Advent activities (more to come later). Methinks naps and football will not be long enough for me to accomplish all that, but a girl can dream.


7.) Wisdom from the mouths of babes this week:

After creating a “whale” out of a blanket, my oldest said unto me, “You never, never step on frogs or whales, Mama. Never step on a whale. Be very careful with that whale, okay Mommy?”


So keep that in mind as you prepare for your holiday festivities.



6 thoughts on “Seven Things: Part 5

  1. Granny

    Oh, my gosh. Mary Susan, that looks awesome. I have been following the Pinterest pins and have been jealous of all your work/fun. Oh, that I were close enough to participate. I want to make rocks, and trees, and hobbit holes! Love you and hope your project is a smashing success. It looks wonderful!

  2. I especially love two things about this blog:
    1. That a little boy named Milo in a fox sweater made you a pie. ( This, trust me, will NEVER happen to me at work.)
    2. That Maggie has the greatest words of wisdom for us. Love the earth and all its creatures, right Maggie?

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I’m so grateful for your encouragement and shout-outs! We’ve been crazy around here with work (the Hobbit is taking over my life) and babies, so I’m just now getting to check in on things after the holiday. Hope you’re all feeling well!

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