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So, because I am so remiss in getting anything done in a timely manner, I’m just now getting to sit down to write this post, but…Valerie over at Atlanta Mom of Three nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! So sweet and very cool!


This is the first time I’ve received one of these, but basically it’s a fun way for bloggers to recognize one another and spread the word about other bloggers they love. These awards also come with a little caveat; for example, I am now supposed to post seven interesting things about myself…if seven such things exist.


Here goes…

1.) I have an unashamed crush on Bill Murray. You do, too, you just don’t know it yet. I might watch The Life Aquatic today…

2.) Probably not, though, because I still need to watch Paris J’taime and New York, I Love You…I love artsy films and can’t help checking them out at the library, but…

3.) Sometimes I get overzealous with the amount of material I want to read/watch, which explains the four books and two movies I somehow thought I’d miraculously be able to read in a week.

4.) I love tiramisu.

5.) I got to skype yesterday with my amazing older sister who is teaching English in Iraq. Boy oh boy, do I love that girl. And, man oh man, do I wish we lived closer. Or on the same continent.

6.) My alma mater, The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is playing some football just up the road next week…mayhaps we’ll get to go see the Cru in some playoff action and get my Texas fix, too!

7.) None of the things I just mentioned were interesting facts about me. I am clearly incapable of writing any list that is not stream-of-consciousness, which would explain my strange grocery purchases. Dr. Diane Howard, my college advis0r would not approve. Or maybe she would; she’s an enigma.


Okay, so the rest of the award requirement is to recognize other bloggers who I think are great, so…Check out these great blogs!


Little Lights Doula Services – My sweet friend, Kate, is becoming a doula. If you don’t know what that is/want to know more/need some incredible natural childbirth resources, check her out! She’s brilliant and wonderful!

Turtle and Robot – I love this blog so much! Really, really great children’s book reviews from someone in the business. This blog is truly worth your time!

I Have to Sit Down – If you’re interested in a Catholic blogger who meets the tough issues and arguments head on, manages to be funny and sarcastic, and somehow is mom to nine kids, check out Simcha Fischer. I love, love, love her!


Sometimes I “meet” people on the interwebs and wish we lived closer because I think we’d be great friends. And other times I have great friends who are incredible photographers and I wish we lived closer so our kids could play. The following blogs fall into those categories:

Carrots for Michaelmas – Haley is lovely and a good resource for Catholic families of little ones, urban homesteading, and for people who are obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and the like.

Atlanta Mom of Three – Valerie is really great, too! Her post, Becoming the Sexy Wife, was a good reminder for me to make some effort…I say as I sit here in my pajamas. Read it again, MS, read it again!

Jade Pierce Photography – Jade is wonderful. So is her husband, Kyle. With their powers combined, they’re like those kids on Captain Planet and they are doing some of the best photography in Central Texas. Check ’em out!

6 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Valerie

    I wish we lived closer too! I know we’d be laughing a lot!! 😀 You can be sexy in pajamas too, MS. 😉 Skype sounds so fun. How long has your sister been in Iraq?

      1. Valerie

        LOL! I have some sleepwear like that too. Not very sexy.. I have three sisters so I know it’d be very hard if they were that far away!! 😦

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