Seven Things: Part 7

I apologize for my absence this week…I’ve been picking up as many shifts at work as I can to help cover Christmas. And, what a week it’s been! The library is super-busy and I really do think a post chronicling my work escapades is in order, so you can look forward to that in the future. In the meantime, here’s our Seven Things for this week!


1.) Sometimes I have to nurse Lily while Mags is in the tub. And sometimes Maggie gets really quiet in there. And some other times I ask her what she’s doing. And those are the times when I get the following reply: “I’m just poopin’…”

Those are also the times I say like seven Hail Marys before I tackle the, ahem, issue.


2.) Maggie’s new favorite joke: “Guess what? Chicken butt!!” She maintains she heard this from Goofy on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s a strange, strange world we live in…


3.) My dear, sweet, wonderful husband made sopapilla cheesecake for dessert last night. And I ate it for breakfast because I’m just that kind of a person.


4.) I seriously need to start running again because I am seriously doing the Color Run this year when it comes to the CLE. I don’t care if I have to crawl my chubby self through the finish line, I am totes doing it.


5.) Confession: sometimes when I’m walking through the basement at work I practice my silly walks just in case the Ministry has any openings…


6.) Weeks like this in which horrific things happen are really heavy on my heart…and then I come home to my precious, precious children and my incredibly selfless and wonderful husband and I realize how little I deserve these blessings and how short this life is. I’m so grateful that we serve a God who redeems and I’m reminded that we all need to love one another a whole lot more. So quit reading this silly blog and go hug somebody for goodness sake!


7.) And to leave things on a positive note, Mags’ loves singing along to Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime.” Her words are as follows: “Spinning, patting, welcome a Christmastiiiiime!”

Also, she’s started calling her father by his first name: “Good morning, Vincent. How was your sleepin’?”


Love to all! -Mary Susan

5 thoughts on “Seven Things: Part 7

  1. Valerie

    Amen to #6!! Hug someone is right. It is so good to know that we’re not alone in how we’re feeling about the tragedy. That we’re all thinking about the same things. :/
    I love all of Maggie’s antics! LOL Daddy is Vincent now, huh? How does he respond to her? 😀

  2. Shannon

    I can vouch for Mags on the chicken butt joke coming from Goofy. I have heard him say it too. I thought it rather inappropriate and wondered when I would hear Natalie randomly say chicken butt to someone.

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