Dear Lily

Dear Lily,

I want you to read this some far-off day and know how treasured you are…and always have been. I also want you to know how, when I feed you your bottle at night and you’re all swaddled up like a little Buddhist monk with one arm free so you can suck your fingers, you reach those slimy, chubby little fingers up to my face and you stroke my cheek. And that very moment is the purest, most perfect part of my day. You melt me every. single. time. We adore you, Love.



4 thoughts on “Dear Lily

  1. Granny

    Love letters are always so touching! And, indeed, it’s the returned love from someone so young that warms a parent’s heart.We know how much love a parent can shower on an infant, but there’s no way to measure the love that is reciprocated. These little ones play their cards close and only fleetingly give testimony to how much love they have for their parents. It is wise to chronicle those “sticky fingers” as life goes forward and little gestures are lost in tomorrow’s events. Enjoy and treasure!

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