Sleepers Awake!

There are probably an infinite number of horrible ways to be awakened from a deep slumber. Having freezing water dumped on your head, for example. Having some prankster in your apartment complex pull the fire alarm at three a.m. for the fourth night in a row is pretty bad. By the way that has totally happened to me and I’m still extremely bitter. Hearing the dulcet tones of one’s older sister scream/sing, “RISE AND SHINE AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY GLORY!!!” at the top of her lungs ranks pretty high on my list, too. (No, Katy, I haven’t forgotten that, and, no, I have not forgiven you.)


Yesterday I discovered a real contender for my Top 10 Absolute Worst Ways to Wake Up. Somewhere between “Burglar Breaking in and Making Off With Valuables” and “Being Attacked by an Angry Swarm of Bees” is…wait for it… “The Sickening Sound of a Child Vomiting on Your Pillow, Narrowly Missing Your Head.” 


Just thought you all should know…


And in case you’re concerned, Mags is feeling much better. I can’t say the same for my pillow, which suffered mightily from the washing and drying process. Le sigh.

3 thoughts on “Sleepers Awake!

  1. Valerie

    Oh, NOOOO!! Yuck and *startling*!! Poor thing (you AND her). Glad she’s feeling better. My son is a bit vomitter. Always has been.He used to throw up while asleep and it wouldn’t even wake him! I’m talking, like he was 3 years old! Poor guy. He now (at 9 years old) can make it to the toilet most times…but not always. He never has aimed for my pillow, though!!!! LOL

    1. Oh, man! I can’t imagine not waking up! I think poor Mags was trying to tell me she was sick, but just didn’t make it. 😦 It was kind of funny since this was the first time she’s really been sick like that. We gave her the run-down on using a bucket if she felt sick while recuperating in our bed and I think the conversation went like this:
      Mags: “Ok. If my tummy hurts, I throw up in a blanket!”
      Us: “Noooooooo!! A bucket! NOT a blanket!!” 🙂

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