Seven Things: Part 11

1.) The hubz is officially an official butcher. The man took his final test and, at the end of nine months, finished a program that usually takes people one to two years. Did I mention, he’s brilliant?? I seriously couldn’t be more proud of this guy. And I think I might have a crush on him…


2.) I don’t always fold laundry, but when I do I love folding tiny jeggings.


3.) I also love making discoveries like this little gem:

Thumper's ready for takeoff. And I'm glad to see he's got a credit card with him...limitless credit, no doubt.
Thumper’s ready for takeoff. And I’m glad to see he’s got a credit card with him…limitless credit, no doubt.


4.) The weather has finally been nice enough to use the clothes line! Hooray!




At least it was three days ago when I got a sunburn. Yesterday was a tad different…



Yeah. That’s our neighbor’s slip’n’slide in the snow.


Surely I’m making this up. I mean, three days ago this was happening:




And this was yesterday:



5.) Lily’s making her first attempts at walking. Hard to believe she’s so big!

6.) Maggie-isms:

Me: Mags, I’m going to squeeze you!

Maggie: I am NOT a yogurt!


“Mama, Beverly is very cranky this morning.”   (Beverly is her rubber snake.)


“You’re going to have a baby or a vampire squid.”


“I have a baby Jesus in my tummy.” (says the constant one-upper…)



7.) Science project! We put some bean seeds in a mason jar with a damp paper towel. Lo and behold, we’ve got actual plants! You should really try this with the little person in your life. It was really fun to see the stages of seed growth.

Hope you all have a restful Sunday! We find out the gender of New Baby tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “Seven Things: Part 11

  1. Granny Garr

    Maggieisms are the BEST! The thought of Lily walking, however, makes me smile as well! Maggie beware! That Lily is merging force to be reckoned with!

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