Seven Things: Part 14

Writing has been a bit sparse around here because my mom is visiting from Texas and ohmysweetgoodness guys you will not believe the amount of laundry that’s being done.


Seriously. Every morning I wake up and discover a little laundry fairy hard at work in our basement folding clothes that have not been folded since their purchase. And she’s made banana bread. And done all our dishes. And I’ve taken an obscene amount of naps since she’s been here.


And she’s leaving tomorrow…waaaaaahahahahaha!


Therefore, I shall recount our latest happenings in order to make myself feel better.


Seven Things, commence!


1.) We got to visit my midwife yesterday to check on baby Everett…and Lechen. What’s that? You’re not aware of a “Lechen” in our midst? Lechen is the baby in Maggie’s tummy. She kicks a lot. And I’ve just been informed that she has pink eyes and she likes pink towels. Also, Lechen is blonde and she’s going to eat tomorrow. So, yeah. That’s a thing.


So much of a thing, in fact, that after I had my check-up, Maggie insisted that she get up on the table and have the midwife check out her tummy, too. So, after a thorough exam, we can all rest easy knowing that both Everett and Lechen are doing well and “growin’ and growin’.”



2.) Lily has expanded her vocabulary to include the following words:

  • taco
  • whale
  • woof-woof
  • meow
  • ribbit
  • Rudy (my in-laws’ dog)
  • Dada
  • Mama
  • and some assorted garble that we take to be her doctoral thesis in the works.



3.) From the mouth of Margaret:

Me: Mags, are those shorts too tight?

Mags: They’re too tight…These shorts are just perfect!! (And so it begins…)



4.) What I’m reading/have recently read:

The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother

by James McBride.


Holy Moly, was this good. This is the real life account of the author’s mother, born an Orthodox Jew in Poland. She immigrated to America and grew up in Virginia in the thirties, married a black man, started a Baptist church in Harlem and put twelve children through college. This is especially interesting because it stems from the author’s personal quest to find himself as a young black man coming of age in the racial turbulence of the sixties. It’s especially, especially interesting in the context of current news.


This is a really great read. I wish I had gotten a more profound response from the ending, but overall, so. good.

The Art of the Common-Place: The Agrarian Essays

by Wendell Berry

“We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. And this has been based on the even flimsier assumption that we could know with any certainty what was good even for us…We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and to learn what is good for it.” (p. 20)

Yes. Just yes.


by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

So, I’m on like page five of this book and I like what I’ve read. I’ve heard numerous interviews with Adichie on the radio and I’m incredibly fascinated with her as a person. The book has gotten a lot of good reviews, but it’s quite the tome, so we’ll see how fast I muscle through it since I can’t seem to read just one book at a time.

5.) And while we’re on the subject of reading, check out these great blog posts from some of my favorites!

The Earth is a Nursery by Simcha Fisher – Gosh, I love Simcha Fisher. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve already shared this post with you or just smeared it all over my Facebook page, but if you haven’t read it, you should. If you have, you should read it again.

As a 28 year old mother of (almost) three, my vocation to motherhood is pretty counter-cultural, especially when compared with others my age. Sometimes it gets pretty depressing/irritating to hear the “Well, you’ll have your hands full!” comments and the “Three kids under five?? That’ll be ‘fun’…” remarks. It’s nice to have a positive reminder that the Earth is a nursery. It’s also nice to know I’m not the only one in this fight.

And speaking of which, check out Praying With Your Feet by Haley at Carrots for MichaelmasSuch a good reminder that prayer is not only quiet and reverent, but that the loud, the frustrating, the chaotic are prayers, as well.

And I’m currently obsessed with Birth Without Fear, a blog dedicated to helping women make informed decisions about their childbirth experience. This is also an incredibly open and inviting space that celebrates all different kinds of birthing choices. Birth Without Fear is really, really interesting, so if you’re like me and love reading birth stories, check it out!         Note: The pictures can be pretty graphic, so if you’re bothered by placentas, be advised. Also, be advised that people may be weirded out if you leave said photos on the screen for them to find…which is fun. 😉

6.) Speaking of births…I got to visit the water birthing suite we’ll be using when Everett comes and I am so excited I can’t even stand it!! I’ve never had a water birth, so I’m really excited to see the differences between an all natural “land” birth versus the aquatic variety. I’m genuinely looking forward to getting Mr. Everett into the world…but don’t ask me how excited I am when I’m in the throes of vomiting up an Ole Burger.

7.) Here are some photos that I like.

Mags took some pictures on my phone. Gosh, I love her.



Here she is modeling the new outfit my mom made her…from a pattern she used to make clothes when I was a little girl. How precious is that?


Lils loving on a bunny at the botanical gardens.


The Hubz is always super excited to “play cats” when he gets home…almost as excited as he is to have his picture taken.

Hope you’re having a great week, all!! I’m going to go enjoy my mama before we’re parted again til September…le sigh. You should go enjoy your mama, too! Or at least give that lady a call. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Seven Things: Part 14

  1. I read James McBride’s book when it first came out and loved it. Glad you enjoyed it! Please visit my blog some time, I did a brief posting on Wendell Berry today. Thanks!

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