Seven Things: 15

I hope everybody had a great week! Here’s the recap of what’s been a-happenin’ around here!


1.) First of all, again, thank you all SO much for your response to the first part of my natural childbirth series! It’s really encouraging that so many of us are like-minded and I can’t wait to hear your insight on posts to come! If you missed part one, you can find it here.



2.) Pregnancy update/My Funny Husband: The other day I was complaining about having some Braxton Hicks contractions. Here’s how our conversation went.

Me: These Braxton Hicks contractions are so annoying!

The Hubz: Are they just kind of there? Like, they’re not really all that bad, but just bad enough that you notice them so they’re really irritating?

Me: Yes! That’s exactly it!

The Hubz: Those aren’t Braxton Hicks. Those are actually Toni Braxton contractions…the most irritating kind.


Aaaand I couldn’t stop laughing for days. Also, I didn’t know he disliked Toni Braxton so much. Mayhaps he needs someone to un-break his heart?



3.) So, my dear friend, Leah, has a great blog called Glitter on the Go. Isn’t that the best blog name you’ve ever heard in your whole entire life? It’s especially fitting if you know Leah, who lights up every room she’s ever entered. She shared this the other day and I loved it so much I may print it out and put it on the bathroom mirror!




4.) Head injury update:  Mags is feeling a zilliondy times better, except for coming down with a cold on top of everything else. We get the “jewels” out today, so hopefully that’ll go well.


She’s feeling well enough to make up new alter egos, so that should count for something…

She tells us her name is “Sweet Fleckshelon” and we’re pretty certain she’s not from around here.



5.) I put up the clothesline and made a tent for Mags the other day…



This picture looks like it’s trying to be all artsy with some sort of “The Way We Were”-type hazy filter. What’s really happening here is that donut fingers made their way onto my camera lens. I think it worked pretty well…I’d recommend that my photographer friends stop spending money on camera equipment and just get doughnuts instead. Seems like the best option to me!



6.) Last night was our Summer Reading Partay at the library where I work. Our theme this year was “Dig Into Reading” so naturally we had to have worm races. Guys if you have never had a worm race, you need to organize one on the double because they are all kinds of fun!


Because I love all things March Madness, I made a bracket for our worm race with the names of the contenders. Kids got to pick a name and a racer…



…and the races were on!

The worms had to make it past the outer circle to win.


The final round was between Birdfeeder Burt and Booker T. Wormington and it was seriously the biggest nail biter in worm race history. (Booker T. won by a hair, in case you’re wondering.)



7.) And the hubz is super-proud of his latest parenting triumph in which he’s trained Lily to run after and attack anyone he tells her to. So if you say, “Lily, go get NAME!” she’ll tear off after the person and wrap herself around their legs. Sometimes she even bites them…we’re not sure if that’s a pro or a con, though. I guess it depends on the person. 😉


I’d post a picture of her, but she’s been a voracious napper of late and when she’s not napping, she’s attacking or in attack training, photos of which are prohibited by her instructor. Hopefully we’ll have some Lil pictures next time around.




Have a great weekend, everyone!

Much love,

Mary Susan

4 thoughts on “Seven Things: 15

  1. Granny Garr

    The only thing better than a race involving worms with Quarterhorse names is Attack Lily, unless it’s donut haze. I enjoyed this so much. Congrats on the superstar getting her staples removed. Love you all!

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