Seven Things: 16

1.) Yesterday morning, for once in what seems like a milliondy years I actually woke up when my alarm went off  so that I could do some reading/writing/journaling/have some time for myself. My husband was so startled by this that he actually came downstairs to check on me and then staggered back to bed upon the assurance that, “No really, I meant to do this.”


I’ve been doing some off and on One Thousand Gifts journaling. Here’s a peek at what I’m grateful for.


journal one


What about you? What were your gifts this week?


Later Vin came down and joined me and a miracle occurred right in our midst! We each drank an entire cup of coffee. Together. Uninterrupted. We might have to make a habit if this early morning stuff. (For the record, it’s Day Two of “Alarm Recognition” at our house and we’re rockin’ it…as are our children who both happened to wake up with us. Le sigh.)




2.) The Hubz’s new store opened yesterday! It’s the brand new Market District in Solon and it was pretty much edible delicousness around every corner. Seriously, the burgers! The cupcakes! The cantaloupe/mango/pineapple/magic smoothie thing we tried! The banana cotton candy…not so much. But, the dinosaur creamer we bought!!! Seriously, it is such a cool store and they have got some major hotties working in the meat department. Well, really there’s just one major hottie back there, in my opinion…


Anyway, maybe the best part was that we got to meet MIchael Symon!


Clearly the girls are star-struck. Or just coming off of a sugar high…no way to tell, really.


Guys, he was so nice. And I just have to tell this story real quick. While we were waiting in line I noticed a young guy with Downs Syndrome in front of us in line. He was talking to, presumably his mother. “I wonder if he’ll let me hug him??” he said. “I wonder if he’ll let me kiss him!”


And while I knew that Michael Symon is probably not a huge jerk who would shoot someone down, I can’t tell you how much joy filled my heart when I saw him greet this kid. They hugged like they were being reunited after forty years apart, they laughed like old friends, they had a genuinely great time together. It was a true testament to the manner in which we should all approach our peers with disabilities and I was so, so grateful I got to witness it.




3.) Baby name trends: Based on the highly scientific studies held in my story time, I’d like to alert you to the fact that, not only are hipsters alive and well, but they’re having kids and naming them adorable hipster names.


Last week in story time, I had a little boy named Phineas and a little girl named Clementine. Guys. Phineas and Clementine.


I sincerely hope that Mags or Lil someday have a BFF named Phineas or Clementine, because it’s just so precious I can’t even handle it. Clearly, I am not the type of person to name my own child one of those names (we’re doing enough by bringing Margaret back), but I’m excited to meet/befriend people who are.


Completely crashed after looking adorable all day and meeting celebrities. (And, y’all. Those toes!!)




4.) Maggie has been an absolute riot lately. She hasn’t really pretended to be Sweet Fleckshelon lately (that’s her very glamorous alter-ego), but she did cover herself in sticky jewels (which are now everywhere you step in our home).


She’s also been saying a lot of ridiculous things:

            Mags: Daddy, sometimes poop takes a while. Sometimes your poop has                                wings.

            Daddy: Really? And what does that mean??

            Mags: It means you get a fish.

She recently informed us that, “Baby Everett will probably have skin and he’ll have red eyes.”  So, we’ve got that going for us.

5.) We’re having Dinosaur Day today with some friends and we are seriously PUMPED! On the agenda: checking out the dinosaur exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, “hatching”/magically opening dinosaur eggs, eating some dinosaur lunch, and reading some dino-books. I’ll give you a full update later, but I’m so excited to have found friends who love theme days as much as we do!

6.) Great links from this week!

Thai Elephant Orchestra – There’s a man named David Soldier who works with an elephant conservation center in Thailand who came up with the brilliant idea to build elephant-sized instruments and let the elephants play to their heart’s content.  This music is seriously really, really amazing.

Kate Middleton and the Mom in the MIrror – This is such a good reminder that, our bodies will never be the same after having children and it’s very tempting to view that in a negative light, but the physical reminders of the miracles that happen during pregnancy are so, so beautiful.

Rupa and the April Fishes – Vin discovered this awesome French folk group and we’re currently obsessed. It just makes the house feel so classy to have this kind of music on while we’re scrubbing dried spaghetti noodles off the wall.

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius – I simultaneously love and hate Buzzfeed for introducing me to things like the dancing shoes.

7.) And, last, I’d just like to throw out there that, despite the negatives that come from using social media, sometimes a quick connection to one’s friends is pretty much the best encouragement of all time.

Last night I posted a Facebook status about a rude comment a woman made regarding the ages of my children. Venting really just felt good, but what felt better was the fact that I woke up to literally eighteen (18!) comments from my friends all over the country. Seriously, I feel SO much better. It’s nice to see the redeeming side of social media, for sure…especially when you’re on the receiving end. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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