Seven Things: 17

1.) My children are demanding that I feed them peas. I don’t know these people anymore.


And speaking of my children, here’s a recent conversation I had with Maggie:

Me: Hey, Mags! What’s that a picture of?

Maggie: That’s you. In a fire.

I sense some underpinnings of angst with that one.


2.) The hubz and I are going to the gun range today and I am all kinds of excited! I haven’t been shooting in like two and a half years because I’ve always been pregnant and gun ranges don’t exactly let preggos in…something about insurance. So, basically, we’re gonna go blow of some steam and it’s going to be awesome and I love shooting guns and I love America and red meat. And Nascar. And I miss the South.


3.) Speaking of the hubz, that man has an incredible beard. Have I ever mentioned how much I love a man with a beard? I think I have a crush on this guy…




4.) I’m getting so excited for Advent and Christmas, I can’t even handle it. My go-to Advent devotional is Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J.M. Nouwen. I just got my copy off the shelf so I’ll have it the second Advent starts. Anyone else have good Advent reading recommendations?


5.) I’m convinced that I attended college with some of the most witty and talented people on the planet. A lot of them are blogging these days and you should totally check out their stuff! I’ll be featuring a UMHB blogger every week in my Seven Things so I can show off just how incredibly cool my friends are.


This week’s featured friend is Layne over at Mrs. Penny LayneLayne is probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. She’s got one of those laughs that is completely contagious and her smile goes on for miles. Also, there are few others who can make people feel comfortable, accepted, and loved like Layne does. Plus, she’s a phenomenal dancer. Her blog is hi-larious, honest, and quirky and I cannot get enough. Layne’s also good about writing regularly, which is something other bloggers need to work on…ahem, me.


I’ve tried to pull an excerpt for you from one of her posts, but I just can’t choose a favorite. So, go there and read the one about patience, and the one about irrational fears, and the one about how she loves her husband even when he burns her volcano candle without her permission, which in my opinion is almost unforgivable…Just read them all and thank me later after you’ve laughed your face off.


6.) And speaking of blogs, WordPress lets you see what search terms people use to find your blog. Last night I discovered that people have found my blo in many ways, the most alarming of which was by searching for “ugly naked girl.”


I honestly don’t know what to do with that information. I’m not sure if I’m more weirded out or more offended…I think it’s one of those things that I really, really wish I could un-learn, but I can’t and it’s sort of haunting me, therefore I decided to share it with all of you so I don’t have to handle this creepiness alone. Whew. Thanks for being there.


7.) So, I’m trying to be a bit more on top of things as far as my writing goes. I just love what this blog does for my mental health, so I’m challenging myself to be more dedicated to actually writing down all my crazy thoughts. And here’s where you (yes, YOU) come in.


What do you want to hear about? Anybody have ideas for posts that I may not have thought of yet? Anything you want me to stop harping on? Or do you care one way or another? Lemme know, y’all!



Have a great, great weekend!

Mary Susan

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