Crime Scene Revisited

I wish I had good news to report, but sadly the crime rate around here hasn’t decreased. In fact, I’d say it’s probably on the rise. In the shadow of the heinous acts previously chronicled, I guess it’s best to just keep compiling evidence until we nab the culprit.


At this point, it’s oddly just the same victim placed in various spots around the house. Clearly the criminal has a vendetta against the Scottish. Or redheads. Or streakers.



Exhibit A.)




Exhibit B.)




Exhibit C.)




The authorities are clearly at a loss.

And those uniforms are shameful, if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “Crime Scene Revisited

  1. Mama

    I hope the police are taking note of the mental downslide of this unknown perp. First it was heinous murders. Now the victims seem to be nude which means that each one has been tortured by exposure to the elements which have been extreme since rumors of heating difficulties have been circulating as a direct result of the lack of warm air doing the same. I hope the trail does not get too cold!

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