Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today my very first baby turns four years old. I seriously can’t wrap my brain around this fact.


How in the world did this tiny human…


…turn into this walking, talking, laughing little person??







I’m planning another post about our birthday festivities (two words: Charlotte’s Web) but for now I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures and a link back to Mags’ birth story, something I’ll be re-reading and probably crying over all day today.



One month old with her daddy.



I stumbled upon this one while I was looking for pictures of us together…of course there aren’t as many of those as I’d like. But I think this sums up motherhood for me: partially out of the picture, just behind a baby taking off…and me just trying to perfect that balance of holding on and letting go, something I know I’ll be working on for my entire life.



This one cracks me up every. single. time.




Love you, baby girl!




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

  1. Granny Garr

    I love our Maggie! The only comfort for losing the “Baby Maggie” is that anticipation of the “Emerging Maggie!” Makes me think of Dr. Seuss, “oh, the places you will go!”

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