TGIF…I Think

The following things have already happened today. As I write this, it is 8:38 am.

  • I woke up this morning at 4:30 to gloat to my husband that I think I got about an hour and a half of sleep straight with Grumble Bunny actually in the bassinet and not on my person, so I felt suuuper rested.
  • I saw the hubz off to work and then went back to bed to Facebook because that’s what productive people do. And yes, “Facebook” is a verb.
  • I snuggled my darlings at their usual 6 am rise time, changed two diapers, got folks dressed (some of them in backwards shirts and damn you to hell if you try to suggest a switcheroo), and made a mental goal not to turn on the TV before naptime.
  • I tried to make pancakes while the baby was playing…
  • …in the meantime, the box of off-brand Chex left on the table from yesterday’s breakfast got dumped on the floor.
  • I turned on the TV.
  • I exploded some butter all over the microwave while attempting to melt it.
  • I uttered the phrase, “Do not wear your pancakes, eat them.”
  • I stepped over the 2 year old who brought off-brand Chex into the kitchen so he could stomp them, duh.
  • I made round three of pancakes while the 3 year old dumped her water all over the off-brand Chex on the dining room floor.
  • I refereed a disagreement in which the plaintiff charged, “She’s not impressed of me that I wore my pancake like a hat and then I ate it.”
  • I nursed the baby.
  • I thanked God for Peg + Cat.
  • I went to make some pancakes for myself and got distracted by sweeping the kitchen.
  • I made my pancakes and started writing a blog post.
  • I was forced to play catch with a boy who used part of an Octonauts play set to hurl a ball at my face.
  • I picked up said boy after he knocked a folding chair down on top of himself.
  • When I kissed his head, I got a face full of syrup. Also, he smells like poop.
I think I took a shower on Tuesday. I hope I did…

All in all, it’s a super-normal day. I’m floating on the uplifting joy brought to me by this post on motherhood by Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas. I’m going to go change the world’s stinkiest diaper now, repeat to myself that motherhood is sanctifying, and put on a bra so I can go out and enjoy the glorious air.

Also, coffee. All the coffee, please.

Much love to you all!

Mary Susan

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