Happy Blog-aversary!!

Guys, on Monday I was alerted by WordPress that..drumroll…I’ve been blogging for 4 years!


Holy cow. That’s weird and crazy and maybe a slight overstatement since I’m pretty sure I’ve taken like two years off at various times.


But I’ve had a blog for 4 years! So, in honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite posts from over the years. Take a walk with me down Memory Lane, won’tcha?


Baby Rodeo – All the way from 2012, here’s a good ‘un. I still think this should be a thing. Also, I’m open to any other event suggestions!

The Pharmacy – This basically sums up my hometown in a slightly wordy nutshell. Included in that nutshell are a Sheriff Armadillo lamp and some crystal bowls. God bless Texas and small town wedding registries.

Birth Stories – I have had three children since I started this blog. I have had three babies in four years. I am all that is woman, read my birth stories.

Stretch Marks – Cause I love mine.

Charlotte’s Web Party – This is probably one of my most popular posts…mainly because one nice person pinned it to Pinterest. But…the pictures weren’t working for like two years and I felt guilty for leading pinners on fruitless searches, so I fixed it the other night. Also, this was basically the best birthday party I’ve ever done. Love, love, loved it. Charlotte’s Web For-Evah!


I could go on and on…it’s been a really fun four years. Thank you, dear readers* who have been around from the beginning. I’m grateful that you’ve hung around and been so encouraging.

I do have some new followers, too, and I’m so happy you’re here!

Now we get to the question…what do you guys want to read about?? I’m taking requests! Hit me with some topics and I’ll get on ’em. It’s the least I can do!


Much love!

Mary Susan



*Any time I hear the phrase “dear reader” I think of this video. It’s completely out of context here, but I literally cackle every time I watch it. There’s language, so don’t watch it around the babes or folks with sensitivities to that sort of thing…or do what you want, it’s a semi-free country.


3 thoughts on “Happy Blog-aversary!!

  1. Amanda Meek

    It always does me so much good to read your glimpses into your life. You are a such a dear friend and living through your blog is often like sliding into a favorite old sweatshirt—– it brings warmth, comfort and a wave of favorite memories to my mind.

    Happy anniversary—- here’s to your blogging future 🙂

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