Disney World!!

Y’all, I just got back from the best vacation I’ve ever had in my whole entire life (including my honeymoon) and I’m high on life and Mickey Premium bars.


We took the kids to Disney World. We surprised them by waking them up obscenely early (payback!) and taking them to the airport. We didn’t tell them where we were going until we got to the Orlando airport and there was great rejoicing…


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Mickey here we come!! #delagangdoesdisney

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I could basically go on and on and on and on about the incredible time we had, but I’m going to try to limit myself to a list of my favorite memories of the trip. Here goes!


Lil and I snuck away while the others rode Haunted Mansion on our first day, so she could eat some Cheetos and watch the parade. We were too far back for her to see, so I held her up while simultaneously wearing Remy and I’ve never been more uncomfortable, but I’d do it over again in a heartbeat just to see this face again.



I actually got a lot of one-on-one time with sweet Lily on this trip. She’s such a fierce, determined, sensitive little soul and I feel like I’m getting to know her more and more every day because, let’s face it, we’re so different. So, while the others rode rides and did things that she wasn’t ready for, we got to do a lot of Mama and Lily time. I’ll treasure it always. Her favorite things were Dumbo, It’s a Small World (she laughed about the name of the ride forever…apparently a small world is ironic and comical to her, haha!), and the teacups.


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❤ #delagangdoesdisney

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Vin and Ev got matching Buzz Lightyear hoodies and my heart exploded.


Vin spoiled me with so many sweet surprises…most of which were centered around Carl and Ellie from Up. Gosh, I love that man. And Carl and Ellie. But mostly Vin.


Maggie rode all the rides she’s tall enough for…so everything but Rockin’ Rollercoaster. She’s just fearless and, while there are a few she said she won’t do again, I’m so proud that she tried everything. Also, she met Kylo Ren and turned down his offer to join the Dark Side ’cause she’s a good egg is why.


We took a picture in the exact spot that Vin and I spoke for the first time. It’s right outside the safari at Animal Kingdom and I make everyone take a picture there every time we visit. I love it beyond words.


And we basically just had a ball the entire time. We met kind people on the bus and met a ton of fun characters. We ate turkey legs and Mickey rice krispy treats and danced. We played in the sand and went to the resort pool (where Lily inexplicably took off her bathing suit in public and we still don’t really know why, hahaha. Vincent is quick with a towel, though, so he had it covered…literally.) We walked and played and spent so much time just loving on each other.


I’m telling you guys, if you want to fall in love with your family all over again, take them to Disney World. My heart is so incredibly full. Siiiigh. Happy, happy sigh.


I’ll be doing a follow-up post on how to do Disney with small children, what worked for us, any tricks we discovered, etc. But before I do…do you have any specific Disney questions you’d like answered?? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them in an upcoming post!





12 thoughts on “Disney World!!

  1. Granny

    Wonderful! Sounds like the perfect vacation. Laughed at the Lils removing her “bathing suiten” publicly. Sound like the Vin-looking Apple has not fallen too far from the MS tree!

  2. Amanda Meek

    How many days do you go??? How many activities in a day? How many trips does it take to fully appreciate and love all of Disney?????
    I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your trip. It looked wonderful and amazing and full of fun memories and no crying children (which would not happen if it were me, I just know it)
    I can’t wait to read the followup.

  3. Aunt Mary

    They use the word “magical” so much there! And then you realize during your stay that it is indeed magical. Especially when experienced with your children, or in our case grandchildren. You captured it so well. I can’t wait to go back!!

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