Maggie’s Birthday Interview – 6 Years!

My dear Maggie Rose turned six on Easter Sunday. Yeesh, I can’t believe I have a six year old child. Maggie is glorious. She’s constantly making new friends, which isn’t surprising since her first sentence was, “Hi, I’m Maggie.” She is clever, bright, funny, and a great manipulator (as all big sisters should be, riiiight Aunt Katy??). Maggie is constantly creating, building, sewing, making…anything she can draw or make is her favorite. She lights up my life and I’m so in love with this sweet girl…even when she’s sassy, which is about every five seconds if we’re not getting out of the house and being social every. single. day.



So, here’s a birthday interview I did with Miss Margaret. I particularly enjoyed her knock-knock joke.


What is the best thing about being six? 

You’re old enough to take care of things you don’t even know about yet.


What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Swing a lot and play on the slide with Lily.


If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would you go?

Chicago and Disney World


What is your favorite movie?

The Incredibles and Nemo


Who do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor. A veterinarian doctor.


How many kids will you have? Why?

4 because…actually 3 because I think it would be easier to take care of.


Where will you live when you grow up?

I’ll live in the city downtown.


What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of the dark and if there are monsters. And big thumping sounds.


What are you proud of?

I’m proud of being a good artist.



What are three things you’re really good at?

Taking care of my doll, Jessie; being a good sister with Lily; and taking care of people when they’re sick.


What is one thing you could do better?

Help my family by cleaning up my toys while I’m done with them. Taking care of my yard if any cat or dog comes in or cleaning up after them.


What’s the best thing about our family?

That we all love each other and we’re the best team ever.


What does daddy do best?

He cooks a lot and makes good tomato soup.


What is your mom good at?

Make the prettiest sewing pictures ever.


What do you like most about your mom?

I like that you and me work together as a team to sew a lot.


What do you like most about your dad?

Because he cooks a lot with me and Lily.


How strong is your dad?

Really strong. He could hold a whole bed!


How strong is your mom?

Not that strong, but you could hold Banjo and me and Everett.


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Tell me about the best day in your life.

I went to the store with Daddy early in the morning before you guys waked up and I asked Daddy really kindly if I could have a Jessie doll and then we got one! Yay!! 


What is the healthiest thing you can eat?

Tomatoes and carrots and broccoli and strawberries


What is your morning routine?

Brush my teeth, get my doll Jessie, go play some more, and go eat some breakfast

Give me an example of a good deed.

Being nice to your friend. Playing with her when she asks you to and listening to your friend when they say so.

Tell me a knock knock joke. 

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Three cows.

Three cows, who?

Three cows, “Oh, it’s steak!!”



If we were to get anything you want, what would you ask for?

My own decorations for me if I wanted. Like poofy poof balls and glow up rubberbands…and I would decorate the whole house with hearts.

And really, who could ask for more? Happy birthday, Maggie Rose!!

When she turned two.
Animal Kingdom, 2012
newborn mags
And here’s newborn Margaret Rose, my headstrong, bright, darling girl.

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    1. That’s my goal! I’ve also set up email addresses for each of the kids so we can send messages and links to stuff. I think giving them the passwords to those accounts will be such a good gift someday! If I don’t lose them, lol!

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