Lily Turns Four!! And a Birthday Interview!

Oh, my heart. My fierce little warrior girl is four years old today. Lily came to us in a time when everything was in flux, everything was hard, everything was uncertain. And there she was. Perfect, strong, and looking exactly like her daddy. This girl is brave, quick, and wise beyond her years. She’s so perceptive and has taught me so much about myself and about what it means to love. Happiest birthday, my sweet Lily darling. You light up our whole world!


Here’s a link to her birth story in case you’re interested in revisiting the Ole Burger of ’12. And below is her birthday interview, which was highly influenced by some Hello Kitty lip gloss rings that she just received. One track mind, it seems!


baby lily
May 20, 2012 – 8lbs, 1 oz – 20 in – 2:15 am


What is the best thing about being four? 

Being four.


What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Play with Everett. And Maggie.


If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would go to Granny’s house with Maggie and Everett.


What is your favorite movie?

Wreck it Ralph


yoda princess lily


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A police officer. Because I want to trap somebody.


How many kids will you have?



Where will you live when you grow up?

In a flower house.


What are you afraid of?



What are you proud of?

Lip gloss.

tiger lily


What are three things you’re really good at?

Painting, coloring, and flower making, like a flower garden.


What’s the best thing about our family?

All our family coloring!


What does daddy do best?



What is your mom good at?

Kind of cooking.


What do you like most about your mom?

That you’re beautiful.


What do you like most about your dad?

Like he’s kind of like good.


How strong is your dad?

So strong!


How strong is your mom?

Not even strong.


chef lily


Tell me about the best day in your life.

Saturday. Monday. Tuesday. Friday.


What is the healthiest thing you can eat?



What is your morning routine?

Play with you and then I wipe my head off.


Give me an example of a good deed.

Showing somebody a trick.


Tell me a knock knock joke.  

Knock. Knock. 

Who’s there?

Baby rings.

Baby rings, who?

Baby rings, achoo!


If we were to get anything you want, what would you ask for?



lily parade

One thought on “Lily Turns Four!! And a Birthday Interview!

  1. Granny

    This sweet child is one of the smartest children, ever! I think she was born plotting on how to improve the world! She has mostly made her peace with being sandwiched between Miss Congeniality and Evil Knievel, and adores all her siblings, if they will give her space. Her smile will twist the heart strings! We love you Lily!

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