Ask Ms. Gail

Guidelines for Talking About Current Events With Children

1. Share age appropriate info. The younger the child the less they need.

2. Be factual and honest.

3. Let the child talk and ask questions. Take the questions seriously no matter how silly they seem to be.

4. If the adult is watching news on tv and the child is there, talk with them about what the news is saying. Ask them if they have questions.

5. Really listen to your child. The news may have been discussing the impact of the virus on smokers and the child may have interrupted what was said as “smokers die from the virus.” Now imagine a child who thinks smokers will die from this and who has a family member who smokes! 

6. Tell the child what you are doing to keep them safe. Staying home, covering mouth, washing hands… Remind them it is your job to protect them.

7. Model and teach stress management techniques.

This is not from Ms. Gail, but something I found helpful that’s been shared around. It’s written by a dad and uses the analogy of a swimming pool to explain things…it was wildly helpful for my crew.

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