For the Dining Room Light

I have not yet met
all of the birds here,
nor been introduced
to the squirrels.

The trees are lovely
but we haven't progressed
much past small talk.

I wonder how long
it will take
to stop feeling
like a foreigner.

There's the promise
of many social engagements
come spring:
      the hydrangea and that
      mysterious plant out front.

But for now
I am the new girl at school,
waiting to be asked 
        -finally asked-
to sit at their lunch table,

Waiting in the meantime
for them to sit up
and take notice of me.

At least I have
        the light,
steady companion from birth,
the kind of kindred
beloved at first meeting,
        like Lauren from the library

eternally validating, 
each morning it pours
reassuring warmth into my soul

and gosh, it is so good.


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