Girl Crush

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Some may dismiss it,
But I’ve fallen 
for so many women that way.

Been swept off my feet 
by deep feeling females
each brilliant 
in her own light. 

Lyndsay who gifted the
courage for poems,
Lauren was definitely love at first sight,
Lacey, my very first friend
at the red table closest the door. 

Amy, so wild, so creative,
Andrea who prays and reads 
like she means it,
Katy, who laughs when
kids pee on her floor.

Haley and Emma and Alisha and Layne 
on-call regardless of gravity or pain.
An actual secret sisterhood 
I can’t mention by name cause
they’d literally kill me-
funding my funeral 
with their own pocket change. 

Internet friends, 
Fran, Anna, and Sharon,
go-getting and knitting 
yarn and backyards,
memes and machines,
nothing and everything in between. 

There are countless comrades 
I can’t even name.
More yet I don’t know, 
haven’t met, but will soon
each face familiar
on the broken-heart news. 

And they’re all so consistent.
Lifting up, cheering on,
lingering wings waiting, 
breath bated, hearts beating,
saddled up, ride at dawn, ready to roll,
to kick ass and cherish,
to cheer and console. 

Ride or dies knotted together,
a bracelet woven from
threads of time, 
common ground,
common love, 
common purpose,
each one attached
to the girl come before her,
pulling behind her 
the girl further down.

So forgive me for falling so deep 
and so quickly. 
Forgive me for not mentioning 
each one by name. 

You see, they are 
Impossible to not fall for, 
to not love each the same.

3/8/22 – International Women’s Day

2 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. John P McGarr

    Please tell me that you worked and sweated and agonized over this for at least six months ’cause if this just erupted from your keyboard like cactus blossoms after a desert rain ……….I’m gonna be….well, I don’t know……I’ll be something.

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