Things I Can’t Get Enough Of…

Lately, there are a few things that I just can’t get enough of. One of them is naps. However, sometimes a good nap has a way of coming back to bite me. Like, last night when I couldn’t sleep at all due to the awesome nap I took earlier and the fact that Baby Lily was having some sort of dance party all up on’s my internal organs.

Here’s the deal, though. When I have trouble sleeping these days, I just count it as newborn conditioning and find something with which to amuse myself…like the book, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, one of the best “true stories” I’ve read in a long time. I need you all to know that I was on about page 30 of this book when I got out of bed to read it last night and I did not return to bed until I was completely finished. Love it when that happens!

Best cover ever, right?

I really enjoyed Seth Grahame-Smith’s other bestseller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies  so I was pretty much stoked to start on ‘ole Honest Abe. I think what I like the most about these books is the fact that they’re sparked by such a ridiculous juxtaposition of themes/styles/ideas that you kind of just can’t resist. And once you’re in, you’re hooked. I have, legit, not been able to stop thinking about Abraham Lincoln and vampires and how amazed I am that I enjoyed a vampire book so much since that whole fad is pretty much ooooover for me. Like, stake through it’s heart over. (Bad pun. Sorry. I’ll never do it again.) Anyway, I loved the writing style, I loved the plot and the conspiracy theory, and I love, love, loved the ending. It was perfect. So. Go read this book. It’s great.

And speaking of books you should read, go get Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

So sweet!!

(Sidenote: What’s with authors and their double last names? They’re so trendy or some such!) It is a precious picture book about sharing love. You should share it with someone you love asap. Mags’ Granny got it for her for Valentine’s and we have to read it before bedtime and every nap. She calls it, “Kiss Book,” which is precious, I think.

Also, I’m obsessed with anything that is lemon flavored. Perchance my body is telling me that this kid needs more vitamin C…I hope you can get that from eating Mrs. Baird’s fried pies and lemon Girl Scout cookies, cause that’s my preferred method of vitamin intake. And I’m not sorry.

And, last, I’ve been obsessed with this song for a few months now. Seriously, can’t get enough. It pretty much sums up how our little family rolls these days…and by “rolls” I mean “body rolls” cause we dance to this all. the. time. You should, too. Press play right now and get your dance on. It’s good for the soul, I say!


PS. I tried for a long time and couldn’t really figure out how to get the actual video to be on the blog, so the link will have to do. Ok, it really wasn’t a “long” time, per se, but I need to go get my laundry on and maybe bathe. Maybe. I’m sure you understand.