This morning, Mags wandered downstairs waaaay before she usually wakes up and snuggled with me during my morning prayer time. She fell back asleep and it was gloriously wonderful for this mama who feels like her girl is getting too big too fast.



When she woke up, Mags said, “Mama, I’m gonna take you to all the best places,” and I thought, “Sweet baby, you already have.”


Later she put on her purple plastic princess shoes that are very fabulous and very much loved. So loved, in fact, that she sometimes has to sleep with them. Anyway, she proceeded to “tap dance” all over the dining room, which was hilarious and filled my heart with joy because ohmygosh, I just love her so much.


And then she “cleaned” a chair with a pickle.


After that we made spaghetti and cookies with dinosaur sprinkles. We watched Lily try to crawl (so close!) and Mags rooted her on and they took baths and I changed diapers and finally made some baby food from scratch and the day was completely filled with joy.


Dinosaur sprinkles are awesome. Period.


The thought comes to me that I don’t care how many dino sprinkles I crunch under my feet in the coming days. I won’t be bothered by the incessant “tapping” of plastic princess shoes. I don’t even care if my chairs smell like pickles or if I get poop on my hands on a disturbingly regular basis. I’m just so blessed to be their mama.