Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We’ve been out of commission for a while due to lots of work and a great vacation to see family in the Promised Land. However, we are back and I’mma get my blog on. I’m sorry. That was dumb.



Happy St. Patty's Day!!!


It seems that, when getting fancied up for the parade festivities, Peg decided she needed some mascara. At least she didn’t attempt to brush her teeth with it this time…


You should see the other guy...


Like a true Irish Colleen, she looks like she’s already been in a brawl…most likely over a juice box, like all the other people who get into brawls on St. Patrick’s Day.


Mags was a big fan of the parade, what with all of the “horseys,” “big trucks,” and “fun puppies.”

For the record, she is the most wonderful child on the entire planet, as she endured four days of car travel with nary a peep of negativity. This includes the time she threw up on herself. Seriously, our child is an angel and I am grateful for Dramamine and plastic bags. But what mother isn’t?

There are lots more stories and photos to come which chronicle our visit to Texas! Stay tuned for stories of kitties, toothless men at McDonald’s, and birthday party 1 of 3 (yes, I’m serious).